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I am looking for a car not listed in your database. Can you help?

We invite you to email us your inquiries to the following email:



Why can’t I find the mileage of the vehicle?

It is quite impossible for us to keep track of the vehicle’s mileage as the cars may be moving on the road from time to time. We advise user to send us their enquiries regarding the specified car they are interested and we will get you with the most updated details, i.e the mileage at the time of request.



What is the bank loan rates?

To make life easy for everyone visiting us, we have set our portal to automatically display the monthly installment base on 4.75% per annum paid over 7 years for every car. The number of years for financing will varies depanding on the year of the car was first registered and the maximum installment period the individual financing bank will allow you to finance the vehicle through them.

Our recommendation for all user is for them to send us an enquiry after signing into your BruneiUsedCar.com account and request for financing information. Please provide us valid contact information during your sign up process as we will be contacting user by phone and emails.



Who are eligible to finance in BIBD At-Tamwil?

Most government servants who are receiving their salary at BIBD are eligible to finance a car in BIBD At-Tamwil as long as they can present a Government Salary Slip, Confirmation letter from their respective department AKA Pengesahan Perkhidmatan (applicable for Police, Army)
Most private companies and Private sector employees who are receiving their salary in BIBD will not be eligible to get financing facility from BIBD At-Tamwil but there are a few exceptions i.e BSP, BLNG, Tel-Bru and few other corporations.



Category list of those unlikely to be eligible for a car finance facility from the financial institution:

. Security Personnel job description
. Blacklist name due to credit cards (currently still paying $50-100/mth to clear previous debts)
. Maxed out salary due to other loan obligations - very low remaining nett salary.



How to read the year of registration of a car?

At certain time, there are two indication of year listed on a specific car.
To keep the topic simple, we use this as an example:
Product title: Toyota Corolla 2.0 (M) 2005/2007
The first year on the left displayed 2005 indicates the year of manufacture OR original year of registration in the country of origin (applicable to imported cars), the second year on the right, 2007 indicates its original year of registration in Brunei.
Hence, we display the car year by stating 2005 (actual model/year of manufacture) / 2007 (year of registration here).

There are some instance that local used car are displaying two year on the title. Why is that?
This is because the new car agent has ex-stock for certain models, meaning they could have carried too many stock for a cartain model and the agent took too long for them to sell every thing off.
For this example we use a title Toyota Kijang 2005 / 2009
A toyota agent shipped in the Kijang for sell during 2005 but only manage to sold that unit off in 2009, so it would be considered 2005 manufactured and 2009 registered.



Where can I see the cars?

Vehicles are located in different yards, homes, and possibly even parked in parking lots at different district. Certain cars are owned by users. Our web portal was built to cater vehicles located nationwide. To view the car, you need to send us an enquiry on the specific car or call us to arrange for car viewing.



How do I sell my car in your portal?

User who are interested to sell their car in BruneiUsedCar.com are required to sign up as a member and contact us by email or phone with details of your car. Service fee for posting in BruneiUsedCar.com is BN$80.00/unit, photography included (posting until the item is sold), only applicable to Brunei-Muara district.



Can I sell my car to you?

Yes we do undertake cars.
For you to do that, kindly specify clearly to us the following details below via SMS / Email / WhatsApp-
Example as shown below:

Car brand / Model / Engine Capacity / Transmission:           Toyota Vios 1.5 Auto
Year manufactured and  / registered in Brunei:                       2004 / 2006
Current mileage:                                                                            100,000 mileage
Price you offer:                                                                                Sell $10,000 or Just Letting Go
Exact remaining number of years/month on bank:                  18 months remaining
Bank currently financing the vehicle:                                           HSBC finance



Do you accept trade-in?

Users are welcome to trade-in their vehicle with any cars found in our database. You are required to let BruneiUsedCar.com inspect your vehicle and evaluate the value of the unit before we can conclude a trade-in deal.



What are the requirements to open a dealer account?

To create a dealer account, you are required to have a registered company and a minimum of not less the 20 units of vehicles. Feel free to contact us for account creation.


Customer And User Reviews


  • Brunei Credit Bureau to be implemented this year, 2012

    The Brunei Credit Bureau will be in place to assist all the financial institution some time this mid of 2012.

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  • Bank/financial institution lowering value for used cars

    The bank and financial institution has recently lowered all used car value. It is likely that some/most cars posted in Bruneiusedcar.com will require a sum of deposit to accommodate with the balance of the loan approved by the bank

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  • BIBD At-Tamwil does not finance older used car

    BIBD At-Tamwil will no longer finance older car which are registered in the year of 2000 and below

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  • What is the bank interest rate for used car?

    4.75% per annum BIBD / HSBC

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  • Job and criteria that are not allowed to get used car financing from the bank

    If you have either one of the jobs/criteria below then it is likely that the bank will not provide you a car loan. (Security: G4S, SPSS, Ravenguard) or (Person earning $800 or lesser a mth)

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  • I'm a foreigner working in Brunei, can I finance a used car for 7 years?

    Yes, you can finance a used car for 7 years. However, you are required to use a local guarantor to support your 7 years financing. If you do not have a guarantor, then you can only finance the car based on the length of your employment contract

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  • I have late payment charges and overdue for my current car. Am I still able to trade-in with you?

    Yes, you can still trade-in with us as long as you are still eligible to finance at one of the bank or financial institution.

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  • Can you settle my loans, credit card, etc when I buy a car from you?

    Yes, we can help you to settle them depanding on the amount you owe the bank and the car you are able to finance. There are many factors to look into before we know if you are able to settle off your loans when you buy a car from us.

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